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140926 youngdong university festival
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더 민쓰에는 라즈베리가 짱!! 나도 나중에 더 윤기쓰 차려야겠다 #the min’s

The Min’s “Raspberry” (drink) is the best!! I should also start up ”The Yoongi’s” in the future #the min’s 

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans


wise words from our alien

  • taehyung: what are the words i usually say, jungkook?
  • jungkook: keep going
  • taehyung: that's right. no matter if it's even more tiring, learn to endure it and step over it. like that, more opportunities will come to you.

Q: we heard you personally think you look like Cha Taehyun. You even want to try comical acting. Do you really have a big interest in acting? trans


Happy 19th/20th Birthday little Jiminnie! 

I hope you have an amazing birthday and just know we all love you so much! (cr.)

look at this nerd train [x].